NSEPython 2.0 Release Logs

Major Update

There has been influx of new users as www1.nseindia.com site is now closed and the old tools NSEPy and NSETools are depreciated.

New API Functions

The StockList API

Added nse_eq_symbols() function. → [Feature Request] StockList API - #13 by dexter
Documentation - https://unofficed.com/nse-python/documentation/special/#stocklist-api

Quote API Delivery Details

Added trade_info of nse_quote → [Feature Request] Nsetools_get_quote is not fetching Delivery data and Delivery % - #12 by dexter
Documentation - https://unofficed.com/nse-python/documentation/basic/#quote-api-delivery-details

NSE Large Deals API

Feature Request - [Feature Request] NSE Large Deals - #4 by dexter
Added - https://unofficed.com/nse-python/nse-large-deal-api/

The NSE FNO Pariticipant Wise OI API

Feature Request - [Feature Request] NSE FNO Participant Wise OI
Added - https://unofficed.com/nse-python/documentation/special/#nfo-pariticipant-wise-oi

NSE Large Deals Historical API

API Endpoint to check which stocks have hit Block Deal, Bulk Deal and Short Sold Stocks with Historical Data https://unofficed.com/nse-python/nse-large-deal-historical-api/

NSE Price Band Hitter API / NSE Circuit Limit Checker API

API Endpoint to check which stocks have hit Upper or Lower Circuit in Realtime

Feature Request →
New function on the reference of [Feature Request] Stocks Hitting Circuit Limits either realtime or EOD
Documentation → NSE Price Band Hitters - Unofficed

Code Structure Change

Python Frame Append Depreciation

I have fixed the 5 codes where the frame.append() was used with pd.concat() in this new update. [Update] Python Frame Append Depreciation - #4 by dexter

NSEpython Local Version nsefetch() function bypass

Major Update for the nonserver version:

Implemented fixes and introduced several bypasses. I might have inadvertently disrupted the functionality of the previously operational version. I’ve uploaded the changes without testing due to time constraints. Since I exclusively use the server version, I am confident it will function flawlessly. If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to notify me.

Discussion Reference → Solution: equity_history() function doesn’t work - #4 by dexter

NSEPython Server Edition

Uploaded New Repo of NSEPython Server Edition

Repo → GitHub - aeron7/nsepythonserver: NSEPython is a Python library to get publicly available data on the current NSEIndia and NIFTY Indices site by communicating with their REST APIs.

Added a new library named "nsepythonserver" that will allow you to run nsepython library from Google Collab and other servers. [Update] NSEPython not working in AWS, Google Cloud and WebServers - #20 by dexter

As this is a major update after 3 years, do note that every old function can break because of my mistake. (I have given less than 30 mins of my life to do these changes thanks to ChatGPT and people of this forum.)

If you see problems, ping here urgently. I will fix it ASAP as my workload is low now.

Changed the Readme File and Main Unofficed Front Docs