Why You Should Code Your Own Trading Indicator

I get questions about why I even developed the Animals — Indicator by Amit_Ghosh — TradingView India indicator.

This indicator is a mixture of other indicators.

Coding your own trading indicator is a must to enhance your trading skills. If You are making your living using trading, then here are some reasons why you should consider creating your own trading indicator:

1. No Dependency on Other People’s Closed Source: When you code your own trading indicator, you don’t have to rely on closed source indicators developed by others.

2. Complete Control Over All Variables: When you create your own trading indicator, you have complete control over all the variables. You can tweak the code and test different parameters to see what works best for your trading style. This level of customization is not possible with pre-built indicators.

3. Increased Security: When you use third-party indicators, you run the risk of exposing your capital. Let’s assume You are running a strategy that works on the Supertrend indicator. What if that third party changes the code tomorrow making a mess in that indicator and Your automated strategy makes a huge loss because of that?

4. Learning Experience: Developing your own trading indicator can be a great learning opportunity, as it helps you gain a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and technical analysis.

5. Continual Improvement: When you create your own indicator, you have the freedom to continually improve and update it as per the changing market scenarios.

It is exactly how you want and what you want and why developing You will also validate Yourself on Why you want!

Not only that, I have even coded lots of scanners and screeners which you can see in Leverage - Unofficed .