Which one is correct for entry or should i enter both

i should take this type of trades this is one type

this is another type …most of the time…this big green candle is not broken…

my doubt which one should i trade …

my major doubt is this topic …can u explain me with details if anything is there…i get this pcl break entry because those who have longed will trail their stop loss at candle low…

All assumptions are correct.
You are not expected to make huge money in one trade. You just short with stop loss. That is point one.

Now on small profit; put the stop loss to the entry and goto sleep.

Nothing like that. Today was bullish day. Last whole week was bullish. That’s why. It happened in few days don’t mean it happens all time bro

This is best. I follow this too.

On slight consolidation, get out with 1-2 points profit. Try everything to not make loss or to make less loss.