What does red and green volume bars signify in tradingview and Zerodha?

The volume bars change color and they seem to be neither linked with candle color nor increase/decrease with respect to previous volume bar.

What makes the volume bar change color?

It depends on the charting platform.

Zerodha uses two - Tradingview and ChartIQ.
Tradingview - It follows the colors of candles. Easy.
ChartIQ - If the close of the current candle > close of previous candle is it is green and Close of current candle < close of previous candle it is red.

Now, most of the times color of candlestick will match, but there are cases when the closing price of a stock is higher but yet it is a red day. like supposed a stock gaps up and fell but still closed above from last day’s LTP.

This will clear the difference.

Tview charts- https://www.tradingview.com/x/zdbC3csX

ChartIQ charts - https://i.imgur.com/1OhDqi9.png

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Amit, you have written that TView follows the colour of the Candle, but I have seen charts with opposite colours as well and there is strange explanation for colors in TView as well, have a look below


Your volume is showing correct color.

If Zerodha’s Tradingview and Tradingview itself uses same indicator which is wrote on same script then it can not defy it.

The day ended green.

Looks like your candlestick coloring is following different rule.

Candlestick coloring are mostly close based with respect to opening of that day but many uses with respect to close of previous day.

ohh okk…got it…will try to reset my Tview once