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This should be an honest breakdown. As you guys know, I am a sub-broker of Alice blue, a discount broker from India, We, as a sub-broker get tons of request from broker to increase leads and we strategize accordingly with it.

So, we came up with a series of webinars based on WD Gann and his forecasting methods. I had basically 6 hours to prepare for something I didn’t myself even know properly. All I had studied of Gann was hardcore astrology.

But, my idea was to start with something basic which can be concluded within 30 mins or 60 mins of seminars. Anyways, the outcome, that came was liked by many people but due to my lack of preparation, I thought of scrapping the entire idea of sharing it later.

I thought to make good content based on this properly and started to take sessions on Unofficed.

But because of my current schedule, this can not be my priority at this moment. Maybe, later someday I will revisit but there is the constant request of sharing the past content because many people started to like it because its pattern is like Fibonacci and somehow it also has high accuracy!


You will find all the details of this series and upcoming content’s update in this same thread (till the content become good enough that I update it on the main website).

Name of Modules:

  • Module I - Introduction
  • Module II - Gann Square of 9
  • Module III - Gann Fans

Content Quality is extremely bad :point_down:

Youtube Videos:
Module I and II - youtube.com/watch?v=FrE9pbL-8w0
Module III - youtube.com/watch?v=FrE9pbL-8w0

GANN Square of 9 Calculator Link - unofficed.com/gann-square-of-9-calculator/

Presentation Links:
Module 1 - unofficed.com/w-d-gann-forecasting-methods/
Module 2 - unofficed.com/gann-square-of-9/
Module 3 - https://unofficed.com/gann-fans/

Link of Fakir Chandra Dutta’s Market Forecasting Book - cdn.unofficed.com/pdf/Fakir_Chandra_Dutt_Market_Forecasting_(1949).pdf

Gsheet created for calculations in Video 1 - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ILBbvCP-mvYh6awlH93Bwd2nwWzDeEUw4O3ZuL2J1-E/edit?usp=sharing

Content Quality is upto the mark :point_down: