Upper & lower range calculation from option Chain

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14thon -3cFNg9AOTLGL2C4hU8PgXfRoe_H5uxXZ96ZaRkO9o/edit#gid=1829249207

I am referring this option chain which has some additional details like Nifty’s MAx Pain, Upper & Lower range.

I known how to calculate Max Pain but don’t know how Upper & Lower range is calculated here.

Can anybody through some light on these 2 values calculation ?

the link isn’t properly given. edit the link.


Read the articles I write bro … https://unofficed.com/how-to-trade-options-using-max-pain-theory/

Also the formula for Lower Range is opensource

If the formula goes above the head,
Lower Range = Smaller Value among Highest Put OI and 2nd Highest Put OI
Upper Range = Larger … (fill in) :slight_smile: