Unable to fetch data for some time

On 12/07/2022 from morning Nsepython was unable to fetch data. But yesterday it was fine and from the closing time for the same day it was fine again. I did not make any change in my Python code. What’s wrong with it ? And I also noticed that, every day for 10 - 15 minutes after market opening time there was some problem.

Sometimes the dumb NSE site does not work. They also tend to use cheap VPS like me

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Note - The problem usually happens at 920 to 940.

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Thank U Sir for your quick reply. :pray: :pray:

I am trying to build an algo trading platform in Python for my own. So, which mechanism/source for data fetching should I use ?

No clue. Get an account of a friend and explore around. Apart from lord zerodha and all the brokers listed here are free API :slight_smile:

I “think” yes to all except IV