Tradepick Dashboard

Finally, Out of Frustration, I made a dashboard for seeing Aliceblue position. It previously used to screw me hard when I have too many positions.

This is the first version done in the morning. Let me know if you have better ideas or any thing to implement.

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It is not loading Amit.

Try again. There were too much concurrent users at one moment so I had to kill it for once.

Update -

  • Added SSL
  • Fixed Form
  • Hiding Forms on Submission (State)
  • PL MTM Graph
  • Grouping

There are three types of functionalities that are working on the site currently.

  • You can login with your own credentials.
  • You can check previously logged in accounts of people who gave consent.
  • You can login with a magic phrase. To create magic phrase, contact me. It is manual but will be automated if I like it.

Feature Thoughts -

  • Powerkill Selectively?
  • Margin, Balance?
  • Paper Bots of Few running Strategies?
  • Bifurcated Greeks info like sensibull?
  • Multi-Account view?
  • Multi-Account copy?
  • More telegram functions to here?

It will get disconnected over an user quota if it is not market time. [Running on free server as I am cheapest man in India lol.]

Project is deleted and rebranded to