Trade 1. 20-03-2023

Buying Maruti Futures with stop loss in the white line β†’

Entry 8185. SL 8100.

Maruti Futures is at 8218. Profit of 3k. Putting TSL to cost

Maruti Futures is at 8243. Profit of 5.8k. Putting TSL to 3K.

Maruti Futures is at 8260. Profit of 7.5k. Putting TSL to 5K.

Sorry I forgot market closed and forgot to close the Maruti position. It went to delivery. I will update that tomorrow.

are you still holding?

Yes. Infact overlotted in intraday this morning.

Even at the initial entry with 1 lot at 8185. Thats at 8347-8185=162 points so … 16.2K profit

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you have not posted the natgas trade. why ? [MCX] Natural Gas Mean Reversion for MCX:NATURALGAS1! by Amit_Ghosh β€” TradingView India ?

This was primarily an intraday trade that I made, and it was based on several key factors, which included:

  1. News about Putin China talking
  2. The rolling over of Natgas Mar contracts to Natgas Apr contracts
  3. The existence of significant long positions in the Mar contracts by retail traders

My strategy involved exploiting an arbitrage opportunity done by big people where they push the Mar contract price downward, given that it lacked a physical settlement price, while simultaneously boosting the Apr contract price, causing retail traders to lose money during the rollover process. This was a common arbitrage opportunity that could be easily monetized if anyone had a trading account with more than 20L.

With the news about Putin and China in mind, I expected a sharp mean reversion, and I felt that the risk was low while the potential reward was high.

Looking at the long term, I believe that the strategy for Natgas is to keep buying and holding, without any stop loss, as it has a promising target upside. With the current trend of rising commodity prices, Natgas is likely to remain buoyant for an extended period.

Also it is ok if I do not post if I make profit. Its recorded anyways in discord. Unlike Telegram and Twitter MLM gurus, I do not need random follower who doesn’t understand stuff.

Note this -

During the summer months, Natgas demand falls as less energy is required for heating, and supply tends to rise due to high production rates.

During the winter season, demand for Natgas typically surges as it is required to heat homes and buildings, and supply may struggle to keep pace due to production constraints.

Shit is cyclic!