The Entropy1 Pattern

This is 15m timeframe.

  1. Gap up.
  2. Last 5 candles has decreasing body.
  3. Last 5 candles follows weekend.
  4. Last 2 candles are IB(IB)

Exit on 0.382 of Fibo.
Let me know your thoughts.
And show me if you find another scrip like this.
The number of the pages 20.2 11.65 7.4 3.25 2.7 are (High-Low) of the last 5 candles.

I’ve made a scanner based on this discussion which is a quick iteration over scanner made by @navneet2503 -

Anyways you will also find the video here while making the scanner and the time-wasting thought process behind it. If you are exploring how to make a scanner in chartink, this will help you!