Taking positional stock for intraday

I have identified a stock for positional buy. Lets say Adani Ports:

Now, as it closed above the resisting trendline, i am planning to take a postional long on break of PDH. However, i don’t have enough margin to hold a future trade postionally. Can i make intraday longs every day the PDH is broken until my positional Target is met or until the setup gets invalid?

It is a short. You are not seeing the whole picture here.

Although from your chart , it is quite evident it is long but it had resistance in the upside. Right now it looks like a trading opportunity if the pennat is broken in any side.

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It shows strong accumulation in neckline
Also you can put buy limit here for tomorrow with SL at dotted line.
Also watch these big shorts https://www.tradingview.com/x/eJcrwYqg/
Can turn up like croc.
Escorts is down but the highest downside is seen by Mothersumi in last week. It is around 8.4%
Atleast it will shoot up?
to make lower high