Solar Eclipse and NIFTY

As I was looking for betterment of my content while making the course, I was looking into few Youtube videos.

I came across a claim from a suited up person that “Market falls huge in every Solar Eclipse and even at 2020 there was some important event of Solar Eclipse” which to my awe, never happened.

I took all the list of the Solar Eclipse Dates and cross-checked with Market History.

I found that from 2001 to today, in the history of 49 Solar Eclipse, 24 times market fell and 13 times it rose and 12 times it was closed or there was some error fetching that day’s data.

Anyways, as the deviation is huge i.e. 24 to 13 in just a tiny dataset of 49. It is an inevitable conclusion that Market indeed has higher chance of going down.

Focus on the word - “Chance” humbly.