Recap of Week 3

In the last session of 16th december, we discussed about the case of REC Ltd.

Let’s have a quick recap on how it turned out.
The important part is was not how to spot the trade but how to handle the trade with various interpretations and the end results was -

Before we move forward to this week’s discussion it is important to tally our past discussion and their results.
In week 2, we had discussed “Idea” and we updated on the same in last week. (This is week 4, congrats).

Here goes the discussion if you guys have forgotten - Recap of Last Week 2
So what happened to this trade?

Note the trade was discussed and shared on December 7th which means we have taken it on December 8.
We also discussed the possibility of breaching support as well as was confident that we will not stop the trade if that happens

Chalo show me reactions if you guys at least remember the trades or the discussions

Total from these two trade > Net Newton fees of this batch.

Lets hope we hit a SL this time.

Glad we have a fraud-proof system in Tradingview that gives the credibility