Queries about aliceblue

I am a beginner

Tried to get market data using api every 5 secs:

  • Out of MARKET_DATA, COMPACT, SNAPQUOTE, FULL_SNAPQUOTE only MARKET_DATA gives callback, no other function does callback. Have attached the source code and the corresponding text files for reference. Please tell me what mistake i am doing due to which i am not able to get other type of data except MARKET_DATA.

  • Why close price is not changing, is it the previous day close price?

  • best_ask_price and best_bid_price is for current timeframe or previous timeframe?

  • Is there any limitation on number of times i can call api/execute trade per minute? If yes what is this limit.

  • get multiple symbol ltp price at a time

  • Some times alice api data does not match with nseindia data.

Source code: alicesrc - Pastebin.com
COMPACT/FULL_SNAPQUOTE/SNAPQUOTE data output all 3 has same output: compactdata - Pastebin.com
MARKET_DATA output: MARKET_DATA - Pastebin.com

Please guide.