Python Webhooks of Tradingview and Chartink [Member Use]

Just a scrap of websites and links I followed or stumbled to make a python webhook system of unofficed for chartink, tradingview. (Receptor). For my own future use and anyone who is suffering my fate in the universe.

Installed Django using this method -

The gunicorn shit will work only if you do on virtualenv and only if you do with user. (I did with root and direct.)
See the first comment which gunicorn’s response can not be read if you are a user.
If you request from reqbin, digitalocean will throw errors. So I tried to fix some error that never actually happened.
The solution of was working fine. Maybe in the future?

Instead of reqbin, test using normal python directly. Here goes sample code -

Stumbled on this good info while I was troubleshooting fictional problem

Slack Bot Tag Mechanism -

Sites I was visiting to make the port 80
Good read on gunicorn

Did not liked this tutorial as I am not fan of sock file
As It was not gunicorn I tried into deep and found an amazing tutorial
It uses uWSGI
Again it landed in ownership problems and I did not want to make mess with that part as I have interconnected apps

This I used finally

Some shit was running in port 80

Firewall was not active.

Activating Firewall firewalled my SSH and SFTP

Adding HTTPS

Finally screened

why firewall? why https? why all the security. Why shud it matter if someone else can read the stuff?

Pinakin system is integrated.

It can fire orders to any broker without API.

Like - You can fire BN ATM PE if BN crosses x point.

Also, All automated accounts are deeply connected. All you need to know is the right set of token from me.