Problems in NIFTY total OI and Change in oi columns

NIFTY total OI and Change in oi columns got from nsepython is not matching with actual data in nse (All other columns are matching except toi and coi)


please check the attached screenshot and gives two different output.

Like, Lets say if we take BankNIFTY. One will show number of lots like 10 (Lets assume) while another will show in number of qty like 10*20=200.

Obviously www1 site will depreciate! Right?

Its not matching with both the old and new websites.

All three are screenshots taken almost close time


But how that will be possible. You can see my code too. You may be fetching in local mode from pickle? Instead of live?

oi_data, ltp, crontime = oi_chain_builder(“NIFTY”,“latest”,“full”,“fetch”)
Iam just using the oi_data received from this method

Then God knows…Check my code. It is just scrapping from NSE only. See if you can spot any mistake there.

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Finally found whats wrong…U have hardcoded the multiplication of oi by 20. If it’s only Banknifty data scrapper it was fine but for others, it gives wrong OI and Change in OI :face_with_head_bandage:

Fixed it. Also wrote your name in code as Thank you Gesture.