Problem with Sudden Withdrawal

The problem that happens when you withdraw 10K suddenly from a running model with running trades -

Due to a difference of just 10k, the second account deviated from the main strategy. A major issue with accounts that have less than 10 lakhs is the brokerage fee structure, where accounts with 2L and 50L have the same brokerage rates.

With a high number of positions and a brokerage fee of 20 per order, the objective is to avoid taking any trades until the expiry date.

However, even if this issue is resolved, the cost of the trade and the existing deviation of 2090 INR from the main strategy (1020+1070) cannot be recovered.

Despite the fact that the fault does not lie with the algo or our team, the client will most likely take to social media and voice their complaints. In the end, the money is lost, and this is what makes managing other people’s money one of the most stressful professions.

Unless you’re completely indifferent to the opinions of others and what others say.