OHLC Real Time Data

Is their any free resource for real time Open High Low Close data( Spot , Derivate both ) I can directly use in python for building some scanner ?
I know Zerodha and other provide but they are paid one :sob:

Aliceblue API is free. Data is free as well.

Can’t we subscribe to web socket using cookie based Auth for this?
I’ve made a code to fetch Intraday historical OHLC data using KITE, looking out for ways to fetch Live Data.

This works for every broker!

Can’t we subscribe to live data for a ticker in a similar fashion i.e by using the cookie details post logging in? Just wondering if it’s possible.


But why such Kolaveri D?

Alice’s API is free! https://www.unofficed.com/alice-blue/

Is Instrument name or token number for any stock is getting changed after some time or not?

NSE can change it every day. The files updated are uploaded at their site and brokers download from there and sync their system

They don’t.

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