NseFetch() prints all data

With latest version 2.8, while fetching the below request, it prints all the data and floods the terminal. It didn’t happen in previous versions 2.6.

data = nsefetch(‘https://www.nseindia.com/api/quote-derivative?symbol=NIFTY’)

Will kill it in the next version.

I created a issue on your github there is print(output) can you comment it out please


I wrote it. I know if I just comment it out it will work.

But I am outside.

I mean I can do from mobile but if it fucks up for some silly reason I will get thousand gali by morning

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Hehehe :rofl: okay anyways one more feature request https://www.nseindia.com/api/historical/securityArchives?from=02-02-2023&to=02-02-2024&symbol=SBIN&dataType=priceVolumeDeliverable&series=ALL&csv=true

This is endpoint for delivery % data can you create a function for this ?

delivery % data

i did this actually. just hunt around. it was a popular ask for 2-3 months.

this URL does not even open in plain site. i guess it has resource protection and it is the most called URL for entire nse server.

i know brokers like aliceblue whose cto can not code.imagine a novice shooting a while true and bombard nse server endpoints


Zerodha once had did a huge case on a stupid guy who fucked up zerodha server with his fucked up code.glad nse does not do that

Load nse site then try to access this url it will load :sweat_smile:

That’s fixed in my last update. Update nsepython

It was observed in 2.8. I roll-backed to 2.6 to overcome that prints.

this is fixed in new version

this is a temporary update on new version. will remove

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