Nifty Derivative History is not working

symbol = "NIFTY"
start_date = "24-04-2023"
end_date = "10-05-2023"
instrument_type = "options"
expiry_date = "04-May-2023"
strike_price = 17900
option_type = "CE"
derivative_data = derivative_history(symbol, start_date, end_date, instrument_type,
                                      expiry_date, strike_price, option_type)

is not working. It gives NULL.

I have written nsepython’s server version which you can find here - [Update] NSEPython not working in AWS, Google Cloud and WebServers - #24 by dexter

Let me know if problem persists.

It works in Google Colab. Thanks.
Is there a way to make it work locally on my computer using VS Code, Dexter?

The honest answer is - No clue.

Too many configurations to check, Too much laziness in me asking not to check.