Newton Recap Feb 19

Amit Ghosh 11:23 AM IST


Last ideas of tradingview.

!here Newton guys

Those who joined new are posting 400 charts;

I was tracking the last 10 of you guys basically

Out of 10, 7 is faulty on average.

What is the point of doing that amount of charts.


[Positional] Engineer’s India Cyclicity for NSE:ENGINERSIN by Amit_Ghosh

Will update on risk management when needed.

This is bet on cyclicity.

I deployed covered call mechanism on this like the way I discussed for BankNIFTY.

BankNIFTY trades mostly. Stocks options are illiquid.

Right now it looks like -


[Positional] Godfry Philips Swing Bet for NSE:GODFRYPHLP by Amit_Ghosh

Buy it. Will update the risk management later if needed.

This is next.

Closed today!

I am looking to hunt better trade so cleared the margin.


[Positional] AxisBank NeckLine for NSE:AXISBANK by Amit_Ghosh

I will bet on buy side.

This is closed yesterday or day before yesterday. I looked at the OI from stocks oi. It won’t go up much. It will do drama. This is straight forward


[Positional] Srt Transfin Swing Bet for NSE:SRTRANSFIN by Amit_Ghosh

Buy if PDH breaks This is the oldie one.


[Positional] ICICIBank Positional Buy for NSE:ICICIBANK by Amit_Ghosh

Buy. Will update on risk management

Closed yesterday.

Last week of month.

Things will consolidate as you can see from OI.

See the upper range there


Now that I am out of margin I will post charts again in tview.


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This give accountability.

If you are doing charts. Make a small report of your last 5 trades.

Did that made anything or you are starting to become artist instead of trader

I missed wipro.


[Watch List] Wipro Sell Idea for NSE:WIPRO by Amit_Ghosh

Waiting for Uptrend break as explained.

In HP we booked around 22K per lot in Wipro from the discussion of last session.

Some old newton guys caught it.


Next time when you post a chart, don’t post the next till you make money out of it.

This is an archive of discussion happened yesterday in Unofficed Slack Channel