Madison great/idiotic doubt
doubt araised with reference to ur suzlon trade…u told u did short suzlon from 2017 in futures…almost 2 years…u cannot hold short at 23 rs in equity because delivery short cannot be done (so u done in futures)…#my story lets assume future short is banned in india completely or (u dont have capital to short(nrml) in futures )…ll u do intraday short daily…???

simple terms…i found sideways trend trade at top line of channel that triggered sell now…what u ll do is u ll sell futures…my question is,can anyone short it daily intraday till reversal happens…

u rolled over ur short every month in futures…from 2017 …time frame doesnt matter ryt … u rolled over monthly …like wise can anyone roll over daily…that is my great/idiotic doubt

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I shorted it in sort of each month. I was rolling the futures. Sometimes I was selling put options too to hedge my short in some months.

You can not do this on intraday. The STT is too much and will increase with the number of the trades. If we short intraday each day, the number of trade increases and makes mess.

Time frame never matters!