Live Trading in Youtube Live - Theta Model 5L Trading Journals

Literally, 100 people voted on they will rather see 5L account than a bigger account.

So, Our old Thread ended here -

Before that, I was doing in 60L capital -

The 5L’s thread starts here -

Anyways, The ground rules here are -

  1. I can not take the option buy trades much because I have a turnover condition with the account. Being too much poor, unlike Traders who make crores have own limitation.
  2. I can not make a loss at all more than 30Kish because It is totally pledged on SGB Bonds. Do not share this article with your wife and mom All You need to know about SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) Schemes - Unofficed . You may end up in the same fate.

Here is today’s snapshot. 28/06

Today’s snapshot