List of all dividend stocks


We need to code a strategy where using corporate actions nsepython api, we will fetch the data of all the companies who have declared dividend in the next 6 months and this data will be dumped in google sheet.

The sheet will contain the following items:

  1. Company Name
  2. Ex-dividend date
  3. Dividend Amount
  4. Whether the stocks lies in FnO or not. If yes then what is the lot size of a future of that respective stock?
  5. Current Market Price of the stock.
  6. Dividend yield which is (Dividend amount/CMP)
  7. Stock Exchange on which the stock is listed.

Please see that this script should run every night at 5PM and update all the entries

Quick question -

Tell me more. Where is this data currently available ?

Nsepython-> corporate actions

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We can get this information using the API available at:

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