Is there any way your library allows to grab the intraday delivery data as well?

Thanks for the things you do! I find Delivery data very useful!
Is there any way your library allows to grab the intraday delivery data as well?

Where you can see this intraday delivery data? Share example

Like in the example above on the page there’s a piece of data called Delivery Position with respective Quantity Traded, Deliverable Quantity (gross across client level) and % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity.
This data is delivered during the day and updated every hour with 10 minutes delay. I had an idea of collecting this data during the day. However, NSE is crazy with protection from data parsing - seems like your library is the only one that is still maintained after the latest protection updates!

Sometimes I’m able to fetch the data, sometimes I get 401 error or other errors. Any idea why?

Error fetching data: 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:

Why is you preferred working environment, Pycharm or Google Colab or any other?
Just trying to handle it on my side so will be grateful for any good advise

Any ideas about it?
I can provide my full participation in testing of the feature and all the possible issues

I am unable to understand the question. So frame them like you are a teacher. Before framing them, have a look here → [Feature Request] Nsetools_get_quote is not fetching Delivery data and Delivery % - #12 by dexter

If you are asking multiple questions write them numerically and pointwise. Note, I reply to all the queries but I may take some time. Right now I am busy with the content strategy of something. But I will get back.

Will address this in a long answer.

Added trade_info of nse_quote

You tried this method?

Thank you, it works now!
For those who work with it - good point not to forget library on the user end :wink:

The only thing I wanted to ask (maybe you know from practice) why sometimes this link works and returns JSON code, and sometimes it returns nothing - seems like it’s the biggest problem I face now


See how I designed the nsefetch() function.Bitch sever first checks that if you have came to that API after browsing

So you need to open first. Get the cookie of your location so that they can send military when something is wrong.

then pass the cookie.

instead of doing these, use my nsefetch() function

Hi! Seems like nsefetch() function returns the same error as nsequote. Could you please advise how to make it work without need of the web-site manual update. I’ve tested multiple ways!

Try changing the server. If still fails, use nsepythonserver library.

great to see the library that works in the cloud!
Tried to use the same nsefetch() function but it didn’t work for me. Could you please tell if there will be needed any changes in the functions usage? Hope to see updates in the documentations - that will help people a lot!

Unless I can replicate your problem I can not solve your problem. So far it is working fine.You can check how I coded it also - Coding NSEPython Part 4 | Scrapping, Historical PE Values, Bulk Deal - YouTube

I am quite sure you have server or machine specific problem because it works fine in Google Collab too.

Server update has been made 20 days ago. I have been busy with my daughter and prioritized my projects accordingly. I never created this project for helping people. It is for the modules of Leverage - Unofficed

I just gave it for free thinking on hope of getting contributors which will in turn lessen my burden.

It is a beta update.

You can always find beta updates in that thread. I will update it in the main doc after some time. As this is a mere hobby project, it has no such timeline.

Maybe after adding few more stuffs.