HP Model 3 Positions Live

All Hydrapoint Model 3 is shifted to 5paisa now because of the margin mechanism.

I will update the positions here regularly and the thought process behind them in a periodic basis.

Currently Having this equity pledged.

Derivatives Section

Well it doesn’t show today’s update. And their UI is very bad to understand. I am sharing Sensibull screenshot -

Also opening Alice or Zerodha for bifurcation and reducing risk. Will share the account statement each month end as well.

The account started this month only.

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Updating after lots of months. Last update was near August. Anyways all positions were shared in Tradingview or Slack properly; So You can tally them yourself.

Equity Portfolio

Derivatives Portfolio

1.5 in equities and 5.5 in derivatives BUT IN THE November end there was huge volatility because My bet was Trump will win! November end had profit of nearly 4 in derivatives which I lost but regained back in Jan and Dec.

You can check this video for more insights HP Model 3 Positions Live (Reports) - YouTube

Net 7 in 25. Now I have bifurcated 5 from 5paisa to Alice to keep diversication on the execution risk. Tried Zerodha but it was quite headache to take positions there as the margin system is quite bumpy.

Quick Update -

SBIN trade awarded me a fantastic loss and I have withdrawn 5L from the model to shift in Alice causing even more crunch.

The Derivative PL is still fun and looks like -

The Equity PL looks like this -

There lies a high chance I will lose the entire profit of NTPC tomorrow as NTPC reached can open at a lower circuit. I will exit it immediate and regardless to get some margin.