How to predict trend continuation or trend change using CPR and Pivot levels

Some insights on CPR and Pivot levels

In an uptrend, S1 is an important level for price to sustain. For continuation of a uptrend, price must not break S1. if by any chance it breaks, price should reverse back and close above S1. failure to do so could lead an indication of start of a downtrend.

Reverse case for downtrend. for down move R1 is important level, and price must take resistance at R1 and close below it.

My understanding about S1 and R1, those are important levels, they give basic idea of a) - change in sentiments and b) - continuation of trend.

Am not going in depth about TC & BC, ignoring those. So, CPR is actually 50% level of High and Low of a candle. Example - if you look at 5,10,15, minutes TF, you find CPR level will be at 50% level of Daily candles High to Low.

Charts - White lines are CPR level (Central pivot range), green are support and red are resistance, blue line are trend lines, yellow box is key level of trend change.

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