How to Modify an order with trailing target with Aliceblue API?

alice.place_order(transaction_type = TransactionType.Buy,
                 instrument = alice.get_instrument_by_symbol('NSE', 'INFY'),
                 quantity = 1,
                 order_type = OrderType.Market,
                 product_type = ProductType.BracketOrder,
                 price = 8.0,
                 trigger_price = None,
                 stop_loss = 6.0,
                 square_off = 10.0,
                 trailing_sl = None,
                 is_amo = False)

My Target is 30 points and stoploss is 30 points and trailing target is 10 After I have placed an order, I need to modify the target and stoploss. For example, I have placed an order at 200rs and when the order reaches target(i.e 230), I have to trail the profit to 220 and wait for the LTP to reach 240 and then when LTP reaches 240, I have to trail the profit to 230 and so on. Please help me.

hi @Harika_Reddy

Did u get the solution for the same.


HI @Harika_Reddy did you get a solution for the problem?

As I just mentioned in the another place, this method is not there at all in their API. How can wrapper can replicate that :slight_smile:

Hook functions can solve them.