How to get F & O (FNO) Companies List from Kite Connect API

Although Kite doesn’t allow it. Your easy solution is to scrap but they tend to make changes there time to time for no reason breaking things.

Why not scrap the broker’s margin calculator area. That is bound to have all NFO stocks as a separate list!

There is another way.

#Import whole Instrument List
instrumentList = pd.DataFrame(kite.instruments())

#Hunting for the term like "20FEBFUT". This term may change in December20. So, Remember that!
mydate =
futappend = (mydate.strftime("%y")+mydate.strftime("%b")+"FUT").upper()

#Searching the trading symbols thats the above term
fnolist = instrumentList[(instrumentList['tradingsymbol'].str.contains(futappend))]

That’s it.

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