Hermes Webhook Payload Sample

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import requests
import json

# Define the URL of your Django view
url = ''

# Define the JSON data to be sent in the POST request
data = {
                "order": [{
                    "tradesymbol": ["banknifty","ce","current","44251!-2"],  
                    "tradeprice": "44251",
                    "tradetype": "sell",
                    "tradeorder": "market",
                    "tradequant": "2",
                    "tradepdt": "nrml", 
                    "tradeexchange": "nfo", 
                    "triggerprice": "0" 
                    "tradesymbol": "SBIN",
                    "tradeprice": "140",
                    "tradetype": "buy",
                    "tradeorder": "market",
                    "tradequant" : "1",
                    "tradepdt": "nrml",
                    "tradeexchange": "nse",
                    "triggerprice": "0"
                "hermes_token": "gABAAABlKGD9wgpQ_UU-Wj2z9Lgg42MKDGXvkQ-cCtBZBtD0otf2Pu5NmRqr5GqatR7HDF-hN678zTJpNzYfed1ab54p85NWYw==",
                "strategy_name": "Parabolic SAR 30m"

# Convert the data to a JSON string
data_json = json.dumps(data)

# Set the headers for the POST request
headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',  # This header is important for Django to recognize the data as JSON

# Send the POST request and get the response
response =, data=data_json, headers=headers)

# Print the response

If the hermes_token is correct then it will fire the order immediately.