Gopal krish doubts

i entered at pcl break only …but i think its wrong to enter in this trade…
dexter posted…waiting for response

Draw the entire thing properly with bounce concept. HH HLs

ok bro i ll do and send you bro

this is another doubt

this is another one

my doubt is…i would have taken these trades at indicated spot…my entry is wrong here…

u asked to mark

Enter in futures while looking at spot told by gurkamal bro in daytraders to someone…i think i m doing wrong…

I see only futures chart and enter
I dont see equity chart…i m doing wrong ryt

what is the procedure…should i see equity chart
first or futures chart first

u also post equity chart in buddha(i thought trading view doesnt support future chart so u r posting equity chart)…i m confused…reply to this doubt asap

@vjx2000 See Gopal is able to post. I think it is with the topic creator I guess.

You are supposed to send me something. You ran away half finishing the discussion. Please lets complete that.

Draw the entire thing properly with bounce concept. HH HLs

And give me so that I can tell the error.

now new doubt arised…does trend is important …i short when pcl broke

It is wrong. I do not see my indicator here. Do again.

done with indicators

This is not Bounce Indicator. Please check the sessions from Newton or get help from someone. I need Bounce Indicator to see the line.

can i implement bounce indicator in fyers…i know i cant use tview for future charts thats y asking

No bro. Just do in equities. It will be similar.
done with bounce indicator

Tell me why you think it was wrong to enter?

Where is the wrong part?

it didnt hit my sl but it closed above my entry…next day only it break the dtop