[Feature Request] Historical quarterly earnings data of a company

Hi @dexter

I am curious and also would like a possibility to get the quarterly earnings data of a NSE listed company something like what screener.in provides for a typical company.

An example:

It would be really great to get this into some sort of pandas dataframe, with various inputs such as year or quarter as the starting anchor, list of variables to fetch for etc.

this is a food for thought but would be really useful


Never mind, I looked up the documentation but need to check if this is what it will give me https://unofficed.com/nse-python/documentation/special/#the-event-calendar-api

But using just produces json errors. So, I will await your response and confirmation.

thank you again

Try again with nsepython and nsepythonserver both and let me know.

It works just fine. Use this https://amzn.to/45ikTMq on your laptop to fix