Example of Using Price Action Backtester

Lets check a trade from my friend bearishbull

The trade was posted in March 5,2021 at 16:52 (You can see if you hover over that date mark by mouse). So, Lets assume we buy it at the market directly at 9:20am open in the next day. Right?

Target is 400.
Stop Loss, Lets say 320? Because that means 325 is breached. Feel free to choose your own interpretation.

And how long we will keep the trade open?
Let’s say max 7 days. If it is not hit stop loss or target by then, we will close? sounds fair? Make it 14 days?


Lets allocate 5 Lakh. So we buy 1416 quantity.

Now head to Price Action Backtester - Unofficed

Make sure you write the correct symbol name or Kite will go bonkers. Also it will show funny output if you try with stocks that have been splitted or has any corporate action that affected the price. It is because Kite auto adjusts the historical data in that way.

Once done, click on “Add Strategy Leg”

Now you will see this JSON →

Nothing in Unofficed is made for normal people. Its for people who are slightly more educated and serious in nature. This is JSON structure to show you exactly what is what.

Now once you verify it click on “Backtest it”

Otherwise click on “Reset List”

Also you can get the table -

Now you can generate a list of trades of JSON if you want and backtest all of it.

It will show you all metrics.

It is very easy to do now a days with openapi AI’s power. When I did I had to do lots of work to get a NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm. Now a days, openapi it is just matter of 5-6 lines…

Bearishbull is widely and wildly profitable guy which you can only see if you properly have his report.

Anyways, Happy Hunting. Please share if you see anything good.