[Entropy][HP] Discontinuation of ML Scanner

Recently, You must have observed that there are two Entropy signals - one that comes faster and another slower. The “Entropy” scanner is based on price action data, while the “Entropy New” is based on ML data that checks past triggers.

The ML scanner has been providing an advantage of a few seconds ahead of the traded stock since the last 2000 trade ideas.

However, for personal benefit, the decision has been made to discontinue the ML version from the public eye. While the price-based scanner will continue to remain public and free of cost (as of now), the ML scanner has been found to provide an undue advantage in terms of slippage.

One of the benefits of keeping things public is that free things are often not taken seriously. If the trade data is made public, it will garner a lot of attention.


Also double scanners of HP is gone.


Same with 3BB scanner as well.