Difference between open price with the nsepython

Hi Amit, Trying to fetch the market open price with the nsepython for HCLTech which shows 931.50 but in trading view the open price shows as 934.65. Even Google finance returns 931.50. Not sure why the difference?. Could you please help?

The open price of NSE and other program will often differ. NSE takes open price of every tick. Other programs usually takes at least three ticks.

However they resolve that EOD. Check the prices once again.

I believe you have upgraded the nsepython. Let me import tonight and retry. Thanks for accomdating.

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Actually, wait till I announce. I have deleted and fixed a couple functions. I will work on it today afternoon.

Hey,The problem still exists. Below is the code

from nsepython import *
todayopen = nse_eq(“ASIANPAINT”)[‘priceInfo’][‘open’]
print (todayopen)

The tradingview\upstox\kite shows 2955 as open price. not sure why. Could you help? Since I could not attach the screenshot here i couldn’t have an example one.

It was never a problem. I already explained it.

Since you mentioned it will be resolved EOD, wanted to confirm that it not resolved. If you say the NSEPython open prices is the right one, I am fine with it. I am trying a logic which is based on the open price. Hence want to make sure.

Usually resolves.

My code is just a wrapper of what NSE gives as output. If NSE tell BankNIFTY opened at 50000, It will tell BankNIFTY opened at 50000. Nothing else much.Unsure of what’s correct in that sense.

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