Coffee Can investing

I just read this article:
quite intriguing I must say. The screener shown inside it: fetches the following results:

Now, this time it is 9 but it might threw upwards of 20 stocks as well, then how to decide which ones to pick to invest? is there any further checks for selecting them among the list threw up by screener?

Case in point: let’s say I have to start a SIP of 10k per month then which stocks I pick and when to rebalance, if ever?


As per the theory -

  • No Rebalance
  • You invest the stocks the screener is showing at that point you want to invest and hold it for 10 years irrespective of anything.
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Understood the rebalancing part - not to do
But what about which stocks to pick from the list of 20-25 stocks? Any other soft criteria which can be used to pick top 3-4 stocks from this list of 20-25 stocks?

Coffee Can doesn’t give 20-25 stocks bro. I have seen around 12 at its best. In that case look at sector wise; or stock wise.

clear, thank you :slight_smile: