Chart doubt about futures trading

Enter in futures while looking at spot told by gurkamal bro in daytraders to someone…i think i m doing wrong…

I see only futures chart and enter
I dont see equity chart…i m doing wrong ryt

what is the procedure…should i see equity chart
first or futures chart first

u also post equity chart in buddha(i thought trading view doesnt support future chart so u r posting equity chart)…i m confused…reply to this doubt asap

Sometime futures and equity chart doesn’t behave same.
So, it won’t matter in intraday.
In case of positional, it does. You need to see both!

What I do in Buddha is -

When I see a trade in equity and it triggers.
I check the chart in futures.
Find the highest point of day (In Buddha that is the stop loss right?)
I enter there with SL at that point!

firts V should see equity chart …when trade triggers…v should check futures chart for entry and stop loss in furures ryt… Bottomline is trade is taken based on equity chart so that entry and exit is done in futures chat…this way v use two charts …this is what i understood

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yes . you are right .