Basket Dashboards

When I had started Unofficed, I had locked in with a partner with non compete clause on their idea of the basket which ended yesterday.

So, I have imported my tech stack from crypto to serve “Baskets”.

Point being -

  • Method 1: Some SIPs in Basket.
  • Method 2: Some invest in them in the manner followed here.

I will share a tracker dashboard of both.

As usual, You can automate them using Alicebot. It will be always free to the SB clients. Unsure what will be near-future pricing of if there will be pricing or it will stay free.

Method 1:



Method 2:



I will update the new basket tomorrow once I complete taking them in my and client portfolios.

The reasons for entering every one of them’s are shared with proper Tradingview charts or with fundamental rationale which can be found in Discord Archive

PS: If there is some discrepancy in these dashboards, please notify me. I have added interactivity and yet to test that tomorrow in the live market. If all works well, I will add it to the site, (When I update the site).