Artemis Code Break

def avg_return(symbol):
    params = {'range': '1y', 'interval': '1d'}
    main_json = requests.get(f'{symbol}', params=params).json()
    closing_prices = [i for i in main_json['chart']['result'][0]['indicators']['quote'][0]['close']]
    ltp = closing_prices[-1]
    daily_return = []
    for i in range(len(closing_prices)-1):
            returns = ((closing_prices[i+1]-closing_prices[i])/closing_prices[i])*100
        except TypeError:
            returns = 0
    avg = statistics.mean(daily_return) #this is in percent as it is calculated over percent
    std = statistics.stdev(daily_return) # since it is calculated over percent it is also in percent
    return ltp, avg, std

This patch of code was used in Artemis

If You can make a function that uses NSEPython Library instead of this. You can raise a pull request in GitHub - aeron7/nsepython: The Unofficial Python Wrapper for NSEIndia API.

PS: I will prolly do it myself by tomorrow 12PM. Try your hands before that. :slight_smile: