Archive - AGM Bet with Escorts


Lets discuss on the first idea.

You know what you need to know about options.

Lets do application.

You can take this trade too.

  1. It is falling with out green candle.

  2. It has AGM so it can not break the range. Even if it does it will come back

  3. It fell because of auto sales data? No! That came good. So it is falling because intraday ORB happened and shorters came in.

But I am scared and don’t want to buy futures. I goto office.

I can not afford the heartache.

So I shorted 820 PE.

Its the lowest point of the range.

Shorted 820 PE at 13.45

If it closes below 820, my setup is invalid.

I will close it.

So putting a trigger in upstox

Now I sleep/


This setup went wrong

On 4th September it closed below 820.

As per mentioned here we closed on 34.

Net loss realized is 34-13.45=20.55

Our current primary target is to make 20.55 points back first; then think to make profit.

Right now it is just full filling the downtrend and it is sitting on swing high which is a lower high.

The downtrend will not be broken unless this level is touched.

So, we wait