AliceBot % based Stop Loss Commands

Here are some commands additional to what is listed on

For Option Sellers

sellsl banknifty 30300ce 20
sellsl bn 30300ce 20
sellsl nifty 11000ce 20
sellsl reliance 1000 20

For Option Buyers

buysl banknifty 30300ce 20
buysl bn 30300ce 20
buysl nifty 11000ce 20
buysl reliance 1000 20

Please do not make mistake with spaces. There are 4 variables here. The last one is what is what is our percentage parameter.

sellsl banknifty 30300ce 20

  1. It will sell BankNIFTY 30300CE at market price.
  2. It will check the price in which your order is sold.
  3. It will place a SLM order with 20% SL.

Note - If You close your trade manually or using powerkill make sure You exit the SLM order. I may make that too automatic in the future.

If You see any problem, Please notify me in Slack.

PPS: Also added the same feature to stocks as some times BO CO doesn’t work properly in Alice.