Alice Blue API Order date time format

I need a way to parse order_entry_time and find the open orders since last 5 mins and cancel it but the current order date time returned is in the format which I am unable to understand. Can any one help to understand the format ?

[{‘validity’: ‘DAY’, ‘user_order_id’: ‘1’, ‘trigger_price’: 0.0, ‘transaction_type’: ‘BUY’, ‘trading_symbol’: ‘NIFTY20AUGFUT’, ‘remaining_quantity’: 75, ‘rejection_reason’: ‘–’, ‘quantity’: 75, ‘product’: ‘BO’, ‘price’: 11250.0, ‘order_type’: ‘LIMIT’, ‘order_tag’: ‘’, ‘order_status’: ‘open’, ‘order_entry_time’: 1597032381, ‘oms_order_id’: ‘200810000041458’, ‘nest_request_id’: ‘1’, ‘lotsize’: 75, ‘login_id’: ‘AB045925’, ‘leg_order_indicator’: ‘’, ‘instrument_token’: ‘44330’, ‘filled_quantity’: 0, ‘exchange_time’: 1597032381, ‘exchange_order_id’: ‘1100000002911032’, ‘exchange’: ‘NFO’, ‘disclosed_quantity’: 0, ‘client_id’: ‘AB0XXXX’, ‘average_price’: 0.0}]

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I got the answer. Its [Unix epoch time] ( format.

If you paste this on Best JSON Viewer Online it will give you invalid response as it is not a valid JSON.

So use a validator -

Go here and paste it. You will get proper schema. :slight_smile:

It is making a list. So You need to scrap the pending_orders using