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I am new to this community. I am new to python but have successfully wrote 2 programs using nsetools. I have found this nsepython documentation very unsystematic and confusing.

First of all I wanted to know the difference between nsetools and nse python. I couldn’t find anywhere.

Secondly I want to know what all package functions are in NSE python.

I am interested in downloading real time 1m OHLC, Volume, pChange, Change data for about 600 scrips and analyse the same with pandas for intraday trading.

Kindly respond.

No one has time to write article.

NSEPython = NSEPy+ NSETools + Lots of extra functions

NSE Python - Unofficed All functions that are not in the beta will be here.
Rest which are in beta will be in the forum. But keep eye on site link only.

NSE does not give real time data in option change (5-10 mins delay) as well as does not update LTP instant (1-5m delay).

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