3. Gann Square of 9 Basics

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The Gann Square of 9 is a game-changer. Developed by the legendary trader W.D. Gann in the early 1900s, this tool has stood the test of time and remains an essential part of traders’ arsenal. The Gann Square of 9 serves as a powerful calculator which calculates hidden support and resistance levels.

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  • Although Gann developed this strategy, he never traded using this strategy alone. If you use just this strategy alone, You will not be profitable.
    • We will do and discuss how to do an extensive back-test on the theory of Gann Square of 9 to mathematically validate our above statement.

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Gann’s Square of 9 is also known as Gann’s Pyramid Trading Method. Also, Gann’s Wheel Method. Why Pyramid?

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It is said that Ganngot the idea of this method while travelling in Egypt.

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In the left side image, look at the number in the center. Can you see the number 1?

The Gann Square of 9 starts with a number in the center and then grows outward in a spiral shape. It’s like a pyramid that gets wider with each layer.

So, the number in the center which is 1 is the apex of the pyramid and it is growing away outward the base in a spiral shape.

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Imagine Looking at the Pyramid’s from upside!

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So, what exactly is the Gann Square of 9? It’s a powerful grid of numbers, meticulously arranged in a mesmerizing spiral pattern. The center number serves as your starting point, guiding you to potential price levels with precision.

The name “Square of 9” refers to the arrangement of numbers on the chart. Instead of nine numbers, it actually consists of a spiral pattern containing multiple numbers in a precise sequence. The term “square” is used metaphorically, representing the geometric structure and the idea of progression within the chart.

We will discuss this “Square” part in more detail in later videos.

But Why 9?

It is named the Square of 9 because the number 9 plays a significant role in its structure and calculations.

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It is a no brainer that because of the spiral pattern, it is also called as “Gann Wheel” Strategy!

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In this video, You have learned -

The Gann Square of 9 is a powerful trading tool developed by W.D. Gann.

It is also known as Gann’s Pyramid Trading Method and Gann’s Wheel Method.

Gann Square of 9, Gann’s Pyramid Trading Method, and Gann’s Wheel Method are the same thing.

The Gann Square of 9 is called the Square of 9 because of its geometric arrangement of numbers in a spiral pattern.

It is a tool that finds important support and resistance of the market.

Gann Square of 9 should not be used as a standalone trading strategy.