2. Who is WD Gann

Opening shot of a chart with a voiceover:

“Trading is often seen as a complex and difficult endeavor. And that’s because it is. But there have been traders throughout history who have made it their life’s work to crack the code, so to speak, and develop new ways to analyze the markets. One such trader is WD Gann, a legendary figure in the world of trading who is often shrouded in mystery and intrigue. So who is WD Gann, and what did he contribute to the world of trading? Let’s find out.”

Cut to shot of WD Gann:

“WD Gann was born in Lufkin, Texas in 1878. He was one of the most successful traders and market analysts of his time, and his methods are still studied and used by traders today. He was a true pioneer in technical analysis, and he is often credited with developing many of the technical indicators and charting techniques that are still used today.”

Cut to shot of a chart with technical indicators:

“So what were some of Gann’s most important contributions to the world of trading? Well, one of his most famous concepts is that of the ‘Law of Vibration.’ Gann believed that the markets were subject to natural cycles and rhythms, and that by understanding these cycles, traders could predict future price movements.”

Cut to shot of a stock ticker:

“Gann was also a firm believer in the power of time and price relationships. He developed many geometric and mathematical methods for analyzing the markets, and he believed that there were certain price levels that acted as significant support and resistance areas. He also developed a number of tools for measuring time cycles, such as the Gann Square of Nine, which is still used by traders today.”

Cut to shot of the Gann Square of Nine:

“In addition to his technical analysis work, Gann was also an accomplished trader in his own right. He reportedly made millions of dollars trading stocks and commodities using his own methods. However, he was also known for being very secretive about his trading strategies, and he never revealed all of his methods to the public.”

Cut to shot of Gann’s books:

“Gann wrote a number of books on trading and technical analysis, including ‘Truth of the Stock Tape,’ ‘The Tunnel Thru The Air,’ and ‘The Law of Vibration.’ These books are still studied by traders today, and they are considered some of the most important works on technical analysis ever written.”

Cut to shot of a modern trading platform:

“So why does Gann’s work still matter today? Well, even though his methods were developed over a century ago, many of them are still relevant to modern traders. His focus on cycles, support and resistance levels, and time and price relationships are still used by traders today. And his emphasis on understanding the psychology of the market and the importance of discipline and risk management are timeless lessons that every trader can benefit from.”

Closing shot of a chart:

“So, while WD Gann may be a mysterious figure from the past, his legacy lives on in the world of trading. His contributions to technical analysis and his success as a trader continue to inspire traders today. And who knows, maybe by studying Gann’s methods, you could be the next successful trader to crack the code of the markets.”

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Now the most confusion begins. On a first view now I think this guy have copied strategies from multiple places where there was discussion in astronomical economics and then converted that shit to his name.

The other thing is - his dumb followers. Like have a look at this video Traders Carnival: Sharad Jhunjhunwala Explains How To Use Gann Indicators (Part 1) - YouTube… Amazing orator and delivery of speech but the moment he told Gann predicted the end of world war I it became like a joke.

Gann mostly does not talk in straight point. It is like - i think banks may fall. now if it falls 1000 pt in tomorrow. the next day, the next month, the credit will become his… nonsense.

W.D. Gann was a prominent trader and analyst in the early 20th century, known for his unique trading methods and techniques. While he made various predictions and forecasts throughout his career, it’s important to note that predictions in the financial markets are inherently uncertain, and it’s debatable whether Gann’s predictions were accurate or not.

Additionally, the importance of his predictions is subjective and can vary depending on individual perspectives.

However, it’s crucial to approach these predictions with skepticism and consider them within the context of their time. Here are 10 predictions attributed to W.D. Gann:

  1. “Great Britain will experience a major economic crisis” - Mentioned in “Truth of the Stock Tape” (1923).
  2. “U.S. stock market will experience a major top in September 1929” - Predicted in his book “Wall Street Stock Selector” (1930).
  3. “Great Depression will end in 1932” - Mentioned in “Wall Street Stock Selector” (1930).
  4. “General Motors will reach $100 per share” - Forecasted in “Truth of the Stock Tape” (1923).
  5. “Cotton will reach 30 cents per pound” - Predicted in “Truth of the Stock Tape” (1923).
  6. “Wheat will reach $1.20 per bushel” - Mentioned in “Truth of the Stock Tape” (1923).
  7. “Copper will reach $1.20 per pound” - Included in “Truth of the Stock Tape” (1923).
  8. “Union Pacific will reach $200 per share” - Referenced in “Tunnel Thru the Air” (1927).
  9. “Tennessee Copper will reach $200 per share” - Predicted in “Tunnel Thru the Air” (1927).
  10. “Railroad bonds will decline in May 1932” - Mentioned in “Tunnel Thru the Air” (1927).

Anyways, that was scripted response as I am making a course, the point is his prediction is like - ITC will go 500. Or, there will be a fall in BankNIFTY soon.

Now this “soon” will be validated if it happens tomorrow. It will be validated if it happens after next month.

W.D. Gann’s writings primarily focused on financial markets and trading techniques, and there is limited evidence of him making specific predictions about global events such as World War I or other major historical occurrences. While some have claimed that Gann made predictions about wars and other events, it is important to note that these claims are often based on interpretations or anecdotes rather than direct references in his works.

Gann’s most famous books, such as “Truth of the Stock Tape” (1923), “Wall Street Stock Selector” (1930), and “Tunnel Thru the Air” (1927), primarily discussed his trading methods, market analysis techniques, and insights into the stock market. While these books provide valuable insights into Gann’s approach to trading and technical analysis, they do not contain explicit predictions about specific world events.


“Tunnel Thru the Air” by W.D. Gann is a fictional book that incorporates elements of trading and market analysis. It is not a book that provides a specific list of trades or trading recommendations. Instead, the book uses fictional characters and a storyline to convey Gann’s insights into trading and his theories on market cycles.

While “Tunnel Thru the Air” contains trading-related concepts and principles, it does not present a direct list of trades or trading strategies. The book primarily focuses on Gann’s views on market behavior, psychological factors influencing trading decisions, and the importance of understanding time cycles in the market.