Recltd Trade today.. Blunder or Correct Rationale?

This is what I did today… From -8.1k to +9.6k…
I don’t know if I did it right because I am feeling a little wrong on what I did.

My rationale on 2nd entry with double lots:

On first entry when it did broke 10m weekend and it hit SL. At that time in 15m tf the candles were too bullish, no rejection almost.

On second opportunity from 12 noon I started to see multiple rejections and doji’s in 15m, So I got confident of it falling this time.

Before those doji’s shorting with 2 lots was like revenge or irrational. But when actually was with rationale.

Let me know your views. I shorted with 2 lots that’s I am felling a little bad or wrong or i don’t know what its called.

This is how my screen looked when I entered RECltd

Entered 2 lots on 15m PCL break in both eq and fut.
Exited 1m SH break in fut.

I do not see any correct methodology on what you’re following. That is a problem.