NSEPython Documentation

First Initialize it -

from nsepython import *

Printing Indicies -


The Output will show -


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Getting the FNO List -


The Output will show -


Getting Option Chain Data -


The Output will show a huge JSON data. You can use https://jsonformatter.org/json-viewer to navigate through the data schema.

The oi_chain_builder Function



  • symbol = FNO Symbol
  • expiry = “latest” (By default) or, You can choose next expiry by typing the expiry dates like “30-Jul-2020”
  • oi_mode = “full” (By default) or “compact” (It will fetch all options info).
  • mode = “fetch” (By default) or “local” (It will not fetch the lastest data but will use the last used data stored in the system.)


  • oi_data = It will be a Pandas Dataframe.
  • ltp = LTP of the symbol
  • crontime = Data’s Updation Time as per NSE Server when fetched

oi_data, ltp, crontime = oi_chain_builder("PVR","latest","full","fetch")
oi_data, ltp, crontime = oi_chain_builder("NIFTY")

it only shows “{}” when executed in powershell. Does powershell not show json?

The latter one makes a dictionary I suppose. Shows error that no such file or directory: oi_data/TATASTEEL.pickle.

Pickle is a module installed by python by default, so idk why the error.

Sometimes NSE site get crapped and genuinely give {}. That might be one reason.
Regarding Powershell, I never tried it.