Newton - The Flagship Price Action Course of Unofficed

Although it started in a very small manner and selected strategies; Newton has grown into something substantial over various iterations. We have more examples than ever, more variation of strategies, more real-time discussions archived over a huge period of time.

Each time, the structure changed. New content got added… Some past content got depreciated because we seek real-time and live trades right? Those contents again popped up when the market throws us similar patterns. So, A newton batch keeps continuing for almost a year because of this stream of new content.

Now, Time to shift everything into super structured models.

There are students and traders who are super inquisitive also there are people who join for no reason. They neither do assignment works nor put any effort! They are like people who make a new year resolution to go to the gym but end up nowhere.

Try this course, It gives a clear idea of my assignment first and trade the first approach. ** If You’re joining Newton, Expect this type of random practical sessions. (Context: Downtrend)

The outcome of Similar trade like Reliance in Mothersumi

Example Trades with names -
Support and Resistance Theory + OI Theory. One can trade futures as well as do options.
ORB Theory.
Maxpain Theory + Weekend Strat + Retest method.

CNH Pattern

CNH Pattern+ IHNS Pattern

Bounce Theory + CNH + Support and Resistance

SNR Pattern + Fibonacci Theory

Compression Patterns

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If you make money as a trader, Why you put your course?

  • To make more money. Additional Stream of income?
  • To create more traders who align with my trading psychology and benefit my trading community(especially me) by sharing their trades.

Q. Why courses are so overpriced?

Because I will give you live trades. I will trade on them and will do that live.

90% content of Unofficed is free and You can see the Udemy course at 500 INR. Most of the courses are free anyways.

You can judge me how bad trader I am from -

  • My Tradingview posts can not be deleted.
  • Youtube Live Trading over the last three months.
  • Tally my trades each day which I share and see How I manage them.

The bigger question is - Why you’re paying if things are already available on Youtube. You can easily master brain surgery seeing Youtube videos nowadays. Right?

Thanks for joining Newton. The course archives are spanning over multiple forums, subdomains, and docs. This thread will act as a proper so-called “Table of Contents”.

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These Following Sessions will increase further and further with examples as time flows.

Forum Sessions ( -

Session 1 - The Pen
Session 2 - Swing High and Venom
Session 3 and 4 - Weekend, Inside B
Session 5 - The Choice
Session 6 - The Weekend Strategy

Discussion -
What is hedging?

Strategy -
Opening Range Breakout

Example -
MGL Results Trade

Unofficed Sessions - (Unofficed Chat)

These are newton sessions taken over the Slack channel to gain social capital. Note - Some content is only accessible to Newton Students.

Narrow Range Strategy:

The term “NR” in “NR4” or “NR7” means “Narrow Range”. Narrow Range Strategies are basically Price action strategies (i.e. it relies on the only price of the stock and doesn’t take account of other things like – indicators, volume, sun and moon’s location, etc.)

How do you find out the breakout direction of NR7?
Intraday Strategy: NR7

Flag Chart Pattern

The Flag is a trend continuation pattern that gives you the opportunity to enter the market in the middle of a trend. In this course, We shall discuss the following stuff in this course:

Flag Patterns: Part I - The Basics of Flag Pattern
Flag Patterns: Part II - How to identify Bull or Bear Flag patterns
Flag Patterns: Part III - How to trade the Flag pattern
Flag Patterns: Part IV - Examples of Bear Flag Pattern
Flag Patterns: Part V - Multi Timeframe Analysis
Flag Patterns: Part VI - Cases of Early Exit
Flag Patterns: Part VII - Proper Trigger Points

Inside Bar Strategy

The aim of this Inside Bar Strategy is to discuss a simple method of which allows you to catch momentum in the market with a small stop loss. This strategy is profitable, easy to learn, easy to implement strategy and has sound risk management!

What is an Inside Bar?
Inside bar trading patterns
How to pick winning trades with Inside Bar Strategy?
Frequently Asked Questions on Inside Bar
Update on trades on Inside Bar
More examples using Inside Bar Strategy

Intraday Trading Diary

Content from 2018, 2019 with lots of examples but narrated in a less professional way.

Plan, Platform, and Concepts

Planning Day trading with Limit orders and Tradingview
How do you pick stocks for trading on the next day?
Which Indian stocks have good liquidity but less volatility for intraday?
Intraday Strategy: Different Compression Patterns
Intraday Strategy: Opening Range Breakout

Execution and Psychology

Trading Nifty Futures Intraday
What is a StopHunt Intraday trading bot? How does it work?
The sudden decline of Titan company stock

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Cases of Timeframe Mistakes in Price Action Trading -