Justdial Buddha Entry Explanation [27-4] AP Trade



We post our “Entry Points”.

Also there can be different entry points if we have taken equity trade ourself or the fut trade which you may have noticed too. Main job is not call giving but making money. !

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Refer https://www.tradingview.com/x/mWekRgzy

Trades are shared by Human and Humans are imperfect, chaos and full of randomness.

  1. The theoretical entry point is an entry point for the majority price action trader. So there is always higher slippage.
  2. You need to take in consideration the current day’s momentum. Today we can see it is bullish (as of now.)
  3. You need to take in consideration the higher timeframe. It can trigger massive short anytime.
  4. You need to check if there is a huge gap because the volume profile theory kicks in.
  5. Also, you need to check important SnR.
  6. Need to check if there are results or other fundamentals.

One reason is enough reason to exit; All reasons are necessary points to entry. Think always about the guy who is taking the trade against you. ZeroSum Game.