Index_history is not working

@dexter on slack you are unavailable on forum you are unavailable, should i wait for it to fix or just drop it ? No updates about nsepython no where, no fixes.its been a long time

can you replace the index_history function with the below in

def index_history(symbol,start_date,end_date):
     data = "{'name':'"+symbol+"','startDate':'"+start_date+"','endDate':'"+end_date+"'}"
     data = {'cinfo': data}
     payload ='', headers=niftyindices_headers,  data=json.dumps(data)).json()

     payload = json.loads(payload["d"])
     return payload

Could you share the link

Uff. So Long. I am intervening. Wait.

Sorted. Refer Getting an error - #7 by dexter